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Friday, February 24, 2017
Activities Available
Thoughtfully planned accommodation, equipment, research and office facilities combine
with the exceptional natural environment, both sub-marine and above water,
to afford visitors to the Centre unparalleled opportunities for testing their skills,
acquiring new ones, and experiencing the excitement of getting close to
extraordinary landscapes and wildlife.

  Sea Kayaking

The Centre is recognised as one of the world leaders in sea kayaking,
and is thought by many top paddlers to have "the finest sea-kayaking coastline in the world".
Surf Kayaking is also available, an unmissable experience on unforgettable, endless white beaches,
amid clear green rolling waves.

   Scuba Diving

With its pristine sub-marine environment, Uist offers adventure diving at its best and most spectacular.
Staffed by experienced local divers, the Centre's Powerboat enables visitors to explore the underwater realms
of the Outer Hebrides.
From the sheltered waters of the Minch to the clear oceanic splendour of the West Coast,
the Centre delivers unforgettable diving encounters.

  Rock Climbing + Abseiling

Training and instruction is provided covering all aspects of rock climbing.
We have a range of climbing and abseiling suitable for all abilities from introductory at our nursery crags
to advanced on sea cliffs and offshore stacks.


Certified training programmes in powerboating are conducted, covering all aspects of seamanship and
navigation. Offshore islands and remote coastlines are accessible, courtesy of the Centre's powerboat.

  Hill + Coastal Walking

Uist offers a number of superb hill walking routes spanning varying degrees of difficulty from low level
and coastal walks to ridge walks and scrambling for the more adventurous.
The challenges on foot can be augmented by exploration packages, overnight expeditions
and opportunities to learn and master survival skills.
Expeditions to various Scottish mountains and overseas.

  Wildlife Watching

This can be undertaken as an activity in itself, but in Uist's breathtaking natural environment,
the wildlife is always waiting for you. Whatever you've come to do: walking, diving, powerboating or climbing,
it's guaranteed that the activity will be enhanced by the teeming sea birds, otters, raptors, machair flowers,
seals or even the sight of whales or dolphins!

The Centre is also a valued base for a wide variety of field studies.

  Multi Activity

Visitor groups and individuals often request a range of activities during their stay at the Centre.
Whether you're an absolute beginner or an expert looking for a thrilling challenge, we are always happy to
discuss your requirements and deliver an exciting programme with a difference that fits with your needs
and experience.

As well as planned itineraries devised to suit individual requirements, the Centre also allows groups
and individuals to plan their own activities, and create an exciting programme of outdoor adventure experiences.