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Sunday, March 26, 2017
Wildlife Watching
Often referred to as 'the last great wilderness in Europe' and 'the islands at the edge of the world', the Outer Hebrides offers wonderful opportunities to observe a  fascinating array of wildlife in their natural habitats and beautiful surroundings. 

Situated in the centre of the island chain our guided trips are ideally placed to benefit from the unspoiled isolation which provides such an alluring haven for so many species. 

The remarkable transition of habitats within these islands plays a significant role in sustaining and encouraging large numbers of land based animals, marine life and birds.

The Atlantic Ocnean with its rugged coastline gives breathtaking panoramic views of Hebridean Islands and seascapes. 

*The once inhabitated flat, grassy Monach Isles with dazzling white sandy beaches are home to one of the largest colonies of Atlantic grey seal in the world (numbers estimated at 20,000 in the last census!).

*The exposure of Hasgeir, towering stacks of dark rock with colonies of spectacular sea birds leaves a lasting impression (Guillemot, Razor Bill, Puffin, Shag, Gannet etc). 

*Walk the hills of the east coast, home to herds of the majestic red deer and golden eagle.

*Stronghold of the otter, our coastlines are home to many families.  Frequent close-up sightings are made from the centres lounge as otters feed and play in the adjacent sea loch. 

*Grey and common seals abound in these waters.  Dolphin and porpoises are common, with whales and basking skarks as familiar visitors.

* Hen Harriers, Artic Skua, Storm Petrel and Barnacle Goose are among the many birds in this ornithologists paradise.  A last location too for the globally threatened Corncrake.

* Sun Fish and leather back turtles are occasional visitors to our shores.

* The Centre maintains records of sightings and has a selection of relevant books and identification guides. 

* Day and Half Day trips are available as well as five and seven day breaks.

* All trips are supervised by qualified, experienced and well informed instructors with talks and support from RSPB wardens and professional environmentalists. 

* Free information and advice available for centre residents wishing to pursue their own programme. 

* Sightings from our boat included Bottlenose and White Sided Dolphin, Common Porpoise, Minke, Pilot and Killer Whales and Basking Shark.