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Sunday, March 26, 2017
Niall Johnson
 Niall Johnson, inspiration and driving force behind Uist Outdoor Centre, offers extensive expertise and training in key adventure activities. A highly respected outdoor professional, he has pioneered adventure training in the Outer Hebrides and his knowledge and skills are sought all over the world. As well as accepting training commissions in, amongst other places, the Arctic, Australia, South America, Russia, Scandinavia and the Caribbean, he has worked in Antarctica since 1997 (see images below), during the austral summers, where he leads and trains a powerboat team. He holds five major Instructor qualifications in four key disciplines Power Boating, Sea Kayaking, Mountaineering and Scuba Diving.

At Uist Outdoor Centre Niall heads a team of qualified and experienced instructors in delivering some of the finest adventure experiences available on the planet.

Antarctica Gallery - Click on thumbnails below to see larger images.